14-Apr-168 Content Marketing Mistakes I Made in My First Year as a MarketerGood lessons gained from authentic experience
13-Apr-16Good content must dieThere's a couple of gems in here.
3-Feb-15How to Create a Content Strategy That Actually Drives Organic TrafficLong, but worth it
25-Jan-15The 8 Types of Articles That Attract Intelligent RadersData, Lists, Reports, Long Posts, Argumentation, Response, Research, How-To
14-Apr-145 Must Follow Rules While Writing Long Blog PostsAvoid repetition, Include images, Navigation, Share buttons, Don’t force it
2-Apr-14Everything You Need To Know About Creating Killer Explainer VideosLength, content, explaination, presentation
27-Mar-145 Things That Will Change Your Mind About Long Form Content Marketing How longer can be better
17-Mar-14Learning from Viral contentVisual, Quality, Scalable, Interactive, Emotional, Triggers, Personalized, Audience, Contrarian, Reinforce
15-Mar-1416 Ways to Get the Content Ideas Other Bloggers Haven’t:Good and obvious
14-Mar-14The Complete List of Engaging Content IdeasGood list of generic ideas
14-Mar-1420 Contrarian Rules on Content Marketing from 20 Experts Advice against the popular notion
14-Mar-14How To Create Sexy Content In a Seemingly Unsexy Industry Framework + Example
10-Mar-14How to Write Killer Bullet Points Lead, Notes
10-Mar-14Want Links from Time, Wired and Upworthy? Build this team.Great overview on ROI for content
27-Feb-14How to have more content ideasEssential questions to ask
19-Feb-1413 Successful Content Marketing Formulates13 good suggestions
19-Feb-141Crush competitors in content marketing5 good techniques
17-Feb-14Paying for postage made me a better marketer10 ways to get into users
12-Feb-14Reverse engineers success on RedditGood methodology
26-Jan-14How to find and engage influencers in your industryIdentify, Content, Sharing, Creation, Publishing, Contact
22-Jan-14Are you winning the attention acutionLong, but at least it has good examples.
14-Jan-14Revamp Your Blog WritingCosmo mag, Film Reviews, Children’s books, Poetry & songs, Conversations, Serendipity
14-Jan-14What Makes You Click on a HeadlineUse a question with good subjects
10-Jan-149 Ways to get Traffic without SEOPush/Pull, Viral Content Buzz, Drafting, Link Bloggers, Intro, Interviews, Email Sig, Case Study, Communities
8-Jan-14Creative Callings; Types of ContentInteractive Visualizations examples
23-Dec-13146 Content Marketing StrategiesTips, Resource, Examples, Tools
23-Dec-13650 Places for Authors to Get ExposureThe complete list
18-Dec-13Content Marketing in Boring IndustriesContest Stratgies, Content Development, Content Promotion
5-Nov-13Duplicate content: causes and solutionsWhat it is and how to resolve
26-Sep-133 tips to beat the content volume gameUse social media, Use mega publishers, Long tail terms
25-Sep-13Google authorship TroubleshootingUnique author pages, consistent names, avoid domain authorship
21-Sep-13Creating and Promoting Linkable AssetsStep-by-Step
27-Aug-13How to Create a Content StrategyMore complicated than it needs to be…
22-Aug-13Creating content you’re not an expert atFAQs, Clients, Leaders, Experts, Case Studies.
13-Aug-13Confessions of a news jackerHow to get on top on breaking news
13-Aug-13Ideas for Interactive contentMaps, Charts, Timelines
26-Jul-13Shut Up and Blog, How to Create Endless Ideas for ContentGood ways to stock the imagination and take clues from your enviroment.
23-Jul-13See Think DoA framework for content creation and marketing
11-Jul-13Matt Cutts and How to Succeed in Content MarketingRecap of Matt Cutts interview
10-Jul-1330 Quick Content Marketing TipsHow to promote your great contnet
18-Jun-1348 Elements of Persuaive Written ContentAnxiety, Authenticity, Authority, Boxes, …
10-Jun-136 Steps to being more creativeBelieve, Know, Attention, Ask, Focus, Embrace
10-Jun-13The Double Whammy HeadlineCombine two powerful sentiments
10-Jun-13How I turn a 40K word guide into 300K Visitors and 8K Opt-InWrite an aweseome guide – take your time.
7-Jun-13The Truth about ghostwriterWhen to use ghost writing, and how.
6-Jun-137 Free tools to To Twitter InfluencesWho tweeted me, Topsy, Commun.it, Klout, Fred, Friend or Follow, Fruji
30-May-13Copyrighting 101Copyrighting and Headlines
13-May-13Anatomy of a Perfect Web PageDesign and Content, Calls to Action, On-Site SEO, Markup, Code
13-May-1313 Lessons from the father of advertisingCreativity, Research & Testing, Writing, Standing Out, Headlines, Greatness
8-May-13How to Generate Expert Content ideas for your ClientSmart Breif, Google Alerts, TalkWalker, Conference agendas
3-May-132 Unique Ways to Find Content TopicsTwitter, Email
3-May-137 Way to write a compelling headlineThe secret to, 7 Way to, How to, Like, Now you can have, What you need to know
11-Apr-13Duplicate content in a post-panda worldDefinition, Matter, Kinds, Tools, Examples, Conanical, Diagnosis
10-Apr-13How to build a content marketing strategyResearch, Gather data, Preperation & assessment, Prospect, Create content, Promote
3-Apr-1342 Hot tips for compelling content marketing1) Definitions and basics 2) Framework 3) Content Ideas 4) Examples 5) Other favorites
1-Apr-13How to Write 1000 words per day1) Distraction free writing tools 2) Use Activation Engery 3) Free Write 4) Write Blind 5)Writing Prompts 6) Create Outlines 7) Plant seeds
1-Apr-13the Marketing value of YouTubeGood overview of options
29-Mar-136 Way content producers should adjust to FTC disclosures1) Disclosure standards 2) Say what you mean 3) Space constraints 4) Hyperlink policy 5) Design factors 6) Other
26-Mar-13Social Media Cover PhotosCovers photo dimensions for different forums
20-Mar-13How to write content for boring industries1) Find questions your audience is asking 2) Use case studies 3) Advice 4) Brainstorming
13-Mar-135 Types of Content that works on Pinterst1) Food 2) Travel 3) Geek Chic 4) DIY 5) Women’s fashion
13-Mar-12What Makes a Great Inforgraphic? 8 Experts Weight In
12-Mar-13Technical Hacks for Content MarketingHow to simply make infographics
11-Mar-135 Content marketing mistakes even the pros make1) Over reliance upon marketing dept 2) running out of steam 3) Using only the company blog 4) Not winning customers over 5) Not measuring results.
11-Mar-138 Ways your content strategy should change with the new facebook feed1) Visual 2) Image ads 3) Short Copy 4) Role of Evangelists 5) Compelling Content 6) Intertwine FB and Pinterest 7) Users Check In 8) Gain Likes
7-Mar-13How I Use FollowerWonkGood Analysis of the Overall content marketing cycle
5-Mar-13Which Content Marketing Tacticts Get the Best ROI1) Feature Articles 2) Videos 3) White Papers 4) Photos 5) Interactive Media 6) Sales Copy 7) Infographics 8) Buyers Guide 9) Illustrations
4-Mar-13Creativity: The Only Weapon Against Indifference.5% of FB fans talks about a brand; 50% of brand knowledge is held by 20% of people; people connect socially with brands for discounts.
4-Mar-13Contrent Outreach and Engagement
1-Mar-13Search Quality Rating Guidelines
1-Mar-13The Secret to Creating Content that is MemorableBe Yourself; Stand Out; Create an Association; Don’t Overdo It.
28-Feb-13Why Our Content Sucks
27-Feb-13Everything a Marketer Needs to Know Can Be Learned from JournalismShow, don’t tell; Storytelling; Skepticism; Attribution; Sleuthing and Interviewing; Publishing Workflow; Laws;
21-Feb-13How to build an affiliate website google doesn’t hate1) Diversify revenue 2) Don’t build bad backlinks 3) Build a community 4) Be worthy of notice 5) Have fresh content
20-Feb-13How to Market a Boring businessGood examples

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