Copy Writing

18-Apr-16Seven Score and Twelve Years Ago: Writing Lessons We Can Learn From Lincoln's Masterpiece Learn from the most graceful words
13-Apr-16How to Write Viral Headlines More to it than appears. Definitely some recipes for success.
26-Mar-14How to Turn Bland Text into Sparkling Online Content No corporate voice, Engaging text, Sensory and Emotional Word
26-Mar-14How to Turn Bland Text into Sparkling Online Content Go into related topics
21-Mar-143 Steps to Scare Your Audience Into Action (And Still Sleep at Night)Significant and vivid, Personable and probable, Needs your help
3-Feb-14Writing Seductive OffersFind your crowd, Value, Social proof, Pain, Offer, Guaranette, Take away
31-Jan-14Double Click headlineSpecific, Unique, and Useful
21-Jan-14Finding Your Brands VoiceValues, Vocabulary, Humor, Stories, Implementation
10-Jan-147 Simple Editing TipsDon’t pad, No wimpy words, No feeble phrases, Trim, Verbs & Adjectives, Commas, Modifiers
10-Jan-14To-Do list for 2014Headlines, Core customers, Time/Money, “Get”, “We” vs “You”, Click triggers,
29-Dec-137 Things Great copyrighters wish you knewHeadlines, Craft, Development, Research, Target crowd, Ending, Non-boring
17-Dec-13How to write Magnetic headlines80% of readers read headlines
15-Nov-135 Ways to write a damn good SentenceFacts, Images, Emotion, Promises, Practice
31-Oct-13When to use a commanConjunction, dependant clauses,
15-Oct-13How to Create Epic ContentLong, Guides, Depth, Step-by-Step, Lists, Interviews, Stories
25-Sep-135 things ever marketing story needsHero, Goal, Obstacle, Mentor, Moral
25-Sep-137 Scientific Copyrighting TipsEmotions, Don’t compete on price, Details, Be authentic, Verbs over adjectives, Power words, Transportation
19-Sep-13How to write in boring industriesAsk interesting and insightful questions,
22-Aug-1310 lessons from 10 years of BloggingHeadling, Images, Lists, Select, Comments, Emoticons, Mentions, Direction, Coverage, Questioning
23-Jul-13Stop Writing for PeopleIrony, Pronouns, Scanning Text, Repetition,
19-Jul-13Five Most Persuasive WordsYou, Free, Because, Instantly, New
18-Jul-135 Data insights from headlinesWrite the headline, be explicit, be able to craft
16-Jul-136 HeadlinesNumber lists, Warnings, New, How to, Secrets
16-Jul-133 Elements of Good story writignSequence, Suspense, Roller coaster
8-Jul-137 copyrighting tipsFeeling, Savings, Details, Fun, Adjectives, Power, Persuasion
28-Jun-134 Words That Gets Email OpenedOn their side, Reassurance, Negativity.
28-Jun-13Writing Great Headlines on Twitter & FacebooksUse action verbs, Retwittable words
26-Jun-1310 Principals for Killer CopyrightingPurpose, Sales, First person, Clear, Assist, non-Literary, non-Breif, not-Strange, Her, Study
13-Jun-1327 Editing TipsMany actionable tips
28-May-1430 Quick Editing TipsGood List
13-May-13How to Write a headlineWrite like 1986, UPS, Benefits
8-May-13First, Second, and Third PersonThe difference between all forms.
29-Apr-13SEO Tips for CopyrightingPower Skimers, Headlines, Numbers, Power Words, Pictures, Sub Headlines, Lists, Quotes, Bold & Italic, Honesty
8-Apr-13How to Build the Perfect Google Plus ProfileInfographic
20-Feb-13The Oxford Comma and the InternetShould the last comma be included in a serial list?