26-Mar-16 Brand Bidding & PPC Optimization: How We Got Here
A very good 8 part series on doing good with PPC
21-Jan-15The Secret To AdWords Success, Told By A Former GooglerGoals, Keywords, Queries, Ads, Bidding, Budget
5-Mar-14YouTube Pre-Roll AdsBasic overview
18-Feb-14Case study of doubling quality scoreHow to improve the quality score
11-Feb-14Segment search parametersIncrease leads 17% by segmentation
3-Feb-14Landing Page OptimizationTarget market, Analysis, Images, First Impression, Resonance, Value proposition, Video, Social proof, Copywriting
31-Jan-1445 Fabulous FB Advertising TipsComplete guide
22-Jan-14Guide to Facebook’s 15 Ad TypesGood review
27-Dec-13Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile PPC1) Don’t provide same conversion 2) Don’t group devices together 3) Don’t replicate desktop keywords 4) Use mobile call and location extensions 5) Don’t use desktop bids
18-Dec-13Best of 2013 PPCCase studies and articles of the year
8-Aug-13Analyzing the Adwords top Movers ReportHow to dig into the top movers report for PPC
2-Aug-1350 Landing Pages Best PracticesEasy to follow slide show
29-Jul-13Landing Page PrincipalsEncapsualtion, Contrast & Color, Cues, White Spaces, Urgancy, Try before you buy, Social proof
11-Jul-13Has modified broad match killed phrase match?Some data that done correctly, modified broad match is cheaper
8-Jul-13How Remarketing WorksNeed to add the tag
3-Jul-13Stop being PPC lazyBid adjustments, Long tail, Negative keywords, Bad conversions, Variations,
27-Jun-13Don’t take our word for itHow to add third party quotes for Review Extensions
15-Jun-13Stop being PPC lazyNew keywords, biding, negative keywords, ad optimization
5-Jun-13Product Listings Ads DashboardGet to the ROI quicker
5-Jun-13Optimizing Dynamic Search AdsBroad targets, Negative targets, Grouping, Conversions, Monitor
3-Jun-13Using Flexible Bid StrategiesMaximize clicks, Target position, Cost per acquisition, CPC
24-May-13Master PPCIntegrating PPC with Web Analytics and CRM
18-May-13Analyzing Competitiness in Paid SearcBidding Strategy, Growth Opportuntiies
15-May-135 New Adwords toolsSitelinks, Keyword Planner, Display Planner, Mobile Bids, Upgrade Center
8-May-13What is an MMC?Explains why agencies use an MCC account.
24-Apr-13How to Tidy up negative KeywordStep-by-step process
24-Apr-13The RunDownOverview of Google’s mechanisms
19-Apr-13Mastering ConversionsConversion tracking in PPC
17-Apr-13Adjusting Ad PositionsHow to set the ad position
16-Apr-13How to Use Day Parting to Trim Wasteful Spend in AdwordsUse time of day to better target ads
15-Apr-1326 Ideas for Split testing Search AdsMany ways to make little changes with big impacts
20-Mar-13Creating Crawable Landing Pages Increases Quality ScoreBy altering a heavy image page, the quality scores improve, along with the rest of the PPC campaign.
15-Mar-13How to Advertise for Free on YouTube and Leverage Your Video SEOSneaky way to get overlay ads onto your videos