12-Apr-16A Simple Method to Measure Content Marketing ROIUse CPC to calculate potential value
19-Mar-14E-Commerce Metrics & Quantitative MarketingTechnical analysis
14-Mar-14Investing in Big Content Assets for Big ReturnsNavigation, Promotion, Maintenance
10-Mar-143 ways marketers can measure ROIFirst touch attribution, Last touch attribution, Overall influence
18-Feb-1410 reasons to invest more in content marketinggoogle, consumers, engagement, publishers, tested, differentiation, lifetime value, ROI, leadershiper
12-Feb-14Measure Content Performance HolisticallyTag, Collect, Combine, Compare, Watch, Listen
11-Feb-146 Ways to Measure B2B contentBrand, Thought Leadership, Engagement
24-Oct-13ROI in Forum and Content MarketingHow being active in forums can pay off
25-Sep-13Delivering Revenue from SEO ReviewsHow a moderate contest generated $3K in sales
21-Sep-13How to sell an SEO projectFormula to the ROI
11-Sep-13Content Marketing Doesn’t WorkIt’s the wrong type
9-Sep-134 Reasons to spend more on SEOGoogle, Avoid recovering, Marketing, High ROI
19-Jul-13How to Analyze & Interpret Google Analytic Reports10 questions to ask
19-Jul-13How to you measure content marketingAwareness, Consideration, Conversion,
18-Jul-13Two amazing bar charts% of content consumption, % Share of Search
15-Jul-15Search traffic is better than social trafficGet more sales from search visitors
15-Jul-15How a Company Built a Thriving Bsuienss with ContentWhat the ROI is
11-Jul-13Stats to invest in Content marketingHow to influence opinion and earn traffic
3-Jul-13Email Land More customers than twitter, FB
26-Jun-13310 Million Visits; Half from Natural SearchOverall, 50% of website traffic from organic search
20-May-13How to measure ROI for Lead GenerationGet campaign data, Put into CRM, Build Report
8-May-13Social Media’s long term ROIthe long term payoff
8-May-13Why Does SEO Take so longAnalysis + Speed of Google
29-Apr-1316 marketers on metrics that matter
22-Apr-13ROI of Content ResourcesDiscover how much a particular article contributes to website conversions
15-Apr-136 SEO FactsOrganic Search is dominents
1-Apr-13Release a new website and tying into SEO.Pick a good firm, and spend ing $1500 a month on SEO is reasonable.
1-Apr-1357% of Consumers Rely on Product VideosDo vidoes, now!
29-Mar-13Selling SEO to the C Suite1) Create the case for organic search 2) Speak their language 3) Use data 4) Back up with ROI and Revenue 5) KPIs and Milestones 6) Synchronize Business and SEO 7) Create consensus
26-Mar-13Why SEO Costs have risenTakes quality to stay on top and be competitive
26-Mar-13Link Building Service – You Get What You Pay ForDon’t request spammy links from an SEO pro
20-Mar-13Coca Cola clarifies: Social media is crucialSocial media drives in-store purchases, after all.
19-Mar-13Coca-Cola finds no sales lift from Online ChatterIt’s a prelimary result, and doesn’t include other channels
18-Mar-13Ebay vs. PPCJust because Ebay says PPC doesn’t work on branded keywords doesn’t mean branded PPC doesn’t work.
15-Mar-13Calculate return on Analytic InvestermentThe payoff of analytics
14-Mar-13Adwords Ineffective Says Ebay
14-Mar-13Did Ebay Prove that Paid Search Ads Don’t Work?
14-Mar-13The Hidden Benfits of Social1) Brand 2) Community 3) Exposure 4) Authority 5) Influence 6) Traffic 7) Ahead of the Curve 8) Mindshare 9) Competive Advantage 10) Big winds
13-Mar-13How to Measure Social Media ROI
8-Mar-13What it Takes to get Remarkable Content DoneGood job at going into the ROI