15-Jan-15Targeting Outreach and Influencers for Social TractionKeywords, Social Platform, Influencers and Amplifies, Publisher Domain Authority
11-Apr-14Advance Guide to StumbleUpon MarketingAdvertising, Content creation, Promotion, Build an audience
10-Mar-14Riding the Waves of Social Media – 38 Tips from the Pros:38 quick tipes
17-Feb-14Steal your competitor’s twitter followersRespond, Analyze, Engage
13-Feb-139 Free tools to discover influencersTraacker, Lindex, Little Bird, Followerwonk, PeerIndex, Buzzsumo, Keyhole, Kred, Klout
11-Feb-14How to reach 100M visitors in 6 months 4 examples of content promotion
4-Feb-1410 Big Social Media Challengs and How to Solve ThemGood stuff
27-Jan-14Building Your Blog AudienceComplete guide, some good tools listed too.
15-Dec-1313 Things we learned in 20131) What spreads depends upon the platform 2) Social video creation requires thinking differently 3) Mobile is the first screen 4) Its not what you do, its why you do it 5) A good content strategy inspires conversation 6) Great content is art & science 7) A list is just a scaffolding for a story 8) There is a reason why Animals Rule the Internet 9) Network vs. Broadcast model 10) The secret to covering an event is finding the right moment 11) Age and location are two of the biggest factors of self identity 12) You haven’t reported a story until you’ve looked at it from every angle 13)
19-Nov-1317 Tactices for More Twitter FollowersMostely common sense, but good to know.
12-Nov-1318 Social Media Tips18 quick tips
8-Nov-13How we got 1000 subscribers from a Single Blog Post in 24 hoursIdentify influencers; Effort to connect; Validate; Launch; Responde.
8-Nov-13Social Media Success StoriesExamples of Social Media Campaigns the worked
7-Nov-13Social sharing TemplatesPublisher, title, author, Image, summary, Link
31-Oct-13How to win fans and influence usersHow to create awesome content and promote
25-Sep-13Best Times of Day to Tweet, FB, Email, BlogAll time slots of the day broken down
23-Aug-13Facebook Marketing Case StudyHow a FB site was updated to drive website traffic.
18-Jul-1330 best books on social media30 great books
26-Jun-13How to create social media that gets clicks25 actionable tips
29-May-13Make your post go viralsocial, ViralContentBuzz, MyBlogGuest
28-May-13Going ViralHow to do it
8-May-13Secret Recipe for Viral Content MarketingUnderstand, Viral, Content
8-May-13Top SEO Secrets to Social Media Pieces of Advice
3-May-137 Ways to Improve Your Social media EngagementFacebook, Twitter, Google circles, LinkedIn, Pinterest, FourSquare, Instagram
26-Apr-13The Post Will Go ViralSimple, Taps into consumer’s core, Takes a risk, Carries momentum, Authentic, Relatable, Participatory, Gets love, Not pitching anything
11-Apr-136 tips for getting social metrics on competitor’s websitesUsing Alexa and SimilarWeb
5-Apr-13Author Rank, Authorship, Search RanksThe likely components and impact of Google author rank
20-Mar-13How to Take Your Social To the next level
18-Mar-13The Writer’s Author Rank Cheat SheetWhat author rank is, and how to build up.
15-Mar-13How to Leverage a Community of Passionate Fans
11-Mar-13Social MEDIA Tactic without a Strategy are uselessgood overview
11-Mar-13How I increased my Blogs traffic by 44% in one month1) Find long tail keywords

2) Optimize blog/website for keywords
8-Mar-13Taking Competitor Analysis a Step Deeper with SEM RushIncludes link for free two week trial
8-Mar-13How I Use Followerwonk1) Audience Analysis
2) Content Creation
3) Content Promotion
4) Analysis
8-Mar-13Stalking Through Social Media1) Pick a tool
2) Build Personas
3) Identify People
4) Utilize Twitter
5) Use Excel
6) Discover their Platforms
7) Listen and develop content
25-Feb-13How to get clicks and ReTweetsz1) Use emotion
2) Click worthy text
3) Tweet new content 2-3 times, using different approaches
4) Timing
5) Give others traffic
6) Measure CTR with bit.ly
7) Measure with True Social Metrics
8) Urgency.
9-10) Tweet mix of 30% trying to drive actions, 30% sharing thoughts or philosophies, 20% is fun or personal, 15% is asking conversational questions, 5% rants.
19-Feb-1364 Google+ Content Strategies

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